Hidden Village

A resident-owned community

How much does it cost to live in Hidden Village?

Community Members decide whether to increase the rent and by how much.

We now have control over when and why our rent changes.
  • Each Member household pays several charges.
  • The first charge is the lot rent that is collected monthly to pay for operating expenses like taxes, insurance, pond expenses, mortgage payments, etc. Lot rent is currently $405 per month.
  • The second charge is a one-time Membership Fee of $500 once the application is accepted and the person plans to move in. And, Members get their Membership Fee back if they sell their homes.
  • Each household pays its own utilities.
  • The third expense is the annual dues of $30, payable every January.
  • There is a non-refundable $55 application fee for the primary member in the household for the criminal background and credit checks, and $40 for each additional adult for the criminal background check.
  • Find out more about the application process here.